Clone Making Clone MakingWhen making the clone site, the general site should maintain all of the functionality of the original complete with PHP and MySQL database scripting services. Naturally it has to be able to connect to other social networking sites as well as link correctly between everything that’s actually on the site itself. Each feature should be present in the clone, including jQuery searches that form part of an effective algorithm. This will be almost absolutely vital when it comes to running the site itself as it enters the wild.

An clone would require the following options:

  • Gifts system for trading amongst users
  • Email verification options after registration is complete
  •  Share buttons to access facebook and twitter
  • Administrator panels for sending questions out to users as well as setting gift points
  • Random questions that clone user answer functionality
  • Automatic emails sent to indicate that messages were transmitted on the site
  • The ability to handle numerous users simultaneously
  • Dual language text in both English and in Thai
  • jQuery options when it comes to searches
  • Ajax functionality along with basic HTML interfaces
  • Username search options
  • The ability for users to insert a background

By making a clone it would be possible to either create a general social networking site, or something that’s more geared toward a particular subculture. In either case, there should be a specific market that’s attracted toward this kind of thing. That should be useful from a marketing perspective. If the code was reused more than once it would be possible to create new sites that people could use to individually connect with people’s hobbies. In this respect it might even be easy to expand when it comes to adding new functions. If you want to learn more about  Cloning Websites you may visit our site, where expert tips will help you to create a professional website!