Develop a Micro Worker Site

Develop a Micro Worker SiteWe need to clone a micro worker site like fiverr, though it’s going to be somewhat different from this host site. Naturally the buy mechanism will be the same as on the original site, but the actual seller mechanism will be redesigned. As a result, those working on the project should be experienced with coding for paypal. Developers will also have to make the actual layout of the site rather unique.

When We Develop this Clone Fiverr, We’ll Need to Add the Following Functions:

  1. Graphic design that sets this site apart from the site in question so that it looks completely fresh and original
  2. HTML hard coding for the base site, along with different configurable options for worker listings
  3. MySQL database functions to set up a system where users can log on easily
  4. Graphics and design sections
  5. Online marketing sections for those offering services
  6. Video and animation sections, which will probably require content streamed from them
  7. Music and sound sections, which will have similar requirements as those with video
  8. Programming and technology sections, which will have to support the plain text display of code
  9. A front page gallery for people offering low priced services.

The majority of people who would use a fiverr clone website are those who are looking for a particular type of marketing service. An individual website like fiverr is naturally geared toward crowd sourced material, and this will have to be at the heart of the design itself. Programmers and Web developers need to keep in mind that these sites actually work to connect people to their prospective freelance employers. As a result a lot of people are going to be using them simultaneously and the code needs to be tested to ensure it can handle this.