Creating a Hotel Booking Site

Creating a Hotel Booking SiteWe’re going to be working on a hotel booking site like, and we’ll need to have it fairly functional. We’ll need the site to handle both hotel booking and reservation functions. To that end it will need to include a number of different pages that will make it useful to those who want to make a booking right away. People will be able to search for deals and accept them right there.

What We Need when We Create a Hotel Booking Website:

  • Three different control panels that will be accessible to different groups and thus spread the administration out among everyone involved in the site’s behind the scenes aspects
  • One for the manager that will manage each region and then add and remove hotels
  • Ability for managers to change photographs, images, offers and trips in the region
  • Another panel for super administrators to make broad site-wide changes
  • An individual control panel for hotel owners who make changes about hotel information and add additional types of content
  • Affiliate program interfaces for the site to work through
  • Unique graphic design that helps to put the site like aside from other similar resources on the Internet.

Those who travel quite often often support sites like these and so this provides a natural demographic with which to work. Regardless this isn’t the only group that regularly visits these types of sites. People who are traveling for a single trip who have to leave on a short notice often visit them as well, though many of them are not regular travelers. That information will certainly serve to shape the way that this particular site is molded over time. It will also shape the type of offers that we receive in the end.