How to Make a Books Website Clone

How to Make a Books Website CloneCurrently we’re working on a books website exactly like, and we need a few things done. We’ll need the site programmed with CMS to make manipulation easy and we’ll have to have a MySQL system for reference. Adding books shouldn’t be hard, and it will naturally have to feature adsense code as well. The site will have to be optimized not only for search engines but also for stability.

When We Do a Books Website, We’ll Need the Following Features:

  • Alphabetical listing of various electronic books for download
  • Gallery of the covers of recent uploads as well as links to each of these individual titles
  • Search box for users searching for a particular title
  • Download links from a database for each individual book
  • About section underneath links that has been search engine optimized
  • Privacy and material property for content uploaded on the site
  • XML feed providing updates of book uploads, which may ultimately be provided by an additional party judging by the original source site
  • Logo design for the headers of the page, which will fit the general color theme of the rest of the site.

A majority of users that look up this site will be those with access to e-reader technology. They are searching for books that they can download freely and use with their tools. Traditionally this has meant it will be primarily younger users. Naturally that has brought many people with school requirements along. Nevertheless, an increasingly large number of people want to find a site that has tools to create book material and download these materials to read. They want to find something to read that doesn’t cost them anything, so a wide variety of people will need to be accommodated as a result.

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