Copy of Financial Website

Financial WebsiteWe’ve been working on something that’s going to work like a financial services site in the vein of, and will have to provide some rather similar services. We’re not copying the site directly and just need it constructed around a similar design, though we will need the entire site to be built up from scratch. It will have to provide information in addition to services, and will have to have a place to post this information in a way that users would be able to read it and then ultimately act on it as a result. Financial customers always expect extremely secure accounts, so they will want to have some method of signing in that preserves their privacy.

When we design our brand new financial services website, we’re going to need:

  • Financial website design
  • Graphics for the top of the page
  • Site logo
  • Copy for the opening page
  • Secure login script
  • Provided wire frames and similar designs for the overall look
  • Graphics to illustrate investment data
  • Sign up sheet for new users
  • Instructions area
  • Frequently asked questions section
  • Contact page for customers
  • Lightweight version for mobile users.

A financial website like this one will have a similar clientele base to, but might help to attract those who aren’t yet comfortable with the world of finances. The average age might skew a little younger than normal, but this doesn’t mean much as individuals who purchase financial products tend to be over 50 anyway. Individuals with recent business management experience might form a lucrative basis for the site, and they might very well be attracted because the design will feature some prominent differences when compared with other financial product options. Retirement savings are always important when it comes to these types of sites, so that should certainly be a big draw to get traffic in.

Saving for college educations is also becoming a big part of the financial site market draw, and more people than ever want to know about how they’re going to be able to scrape together enough money. Individuals looking for these options might want to find something here, and the site needs to have something available for them. They’re a wide demographic since traditional college students are quickly being replaced with students of various other ages.