Making Copy Of A Game Website

Making Copy Of A Game WebsiteWe’re working on a game that’s sort of a plan to Clone a Website called, and we’ll need to make sure that it has all of the functionality of the original. While we want to copy websites, we’re also doing our best to improve on the original. Players need to be able to create characters. The original site had three different war games factions, and it might even be nice if there were a way for players to play in a neutral faction.

What we’re going to need when we’re making a game website:

  • PHP data processing scripts that will be used to ensure that the game site has full functionality
  • Graphic design that heavily focuses on the theme of military war RPG type tiles inherent in the original
  • Documentation and comments for all of the various scripts in question
  • Decent coding architecture that can be used for enhancement and maintenance in the future
  • A form screen designed to allow users to sign up and create a character
  • Pre-built item options from which to design their character
  • A user guide for new players
  • A rankings system for the competitors
  • Frequently asked questions to help people get answers

Making a game website clone required us to think more about the types of people who would play this kind of thing. They’re probably interested in RPGs that have a modern flair, and might be owners of mobile devices or laptops that they’ll use to connect to the site from. They may be younger, with some of them in university. As a result, many of the pages will have to look good across different machines so that it will please all of the users. Players of these games tend to be fairly literate as well, so we must be sure not to talk down to them.