Create a Music Site Clone

music playlist websiteWe’re looking to design a music playlist website that somewhat resembles and maintains some of the features that site has to offer. We actually already have a music box script, but we need to make big changes that will make it into something that we can really be proud of. While there will be an option to log in, we also want people to be able to play music without an account and possibly receive suggestions via a cookie or flash data. It might additionally be useful to have a scroll that suggests new music based on the top of the page.

When we create our new music video website we’ll need the following:

  • A scroll at the top of the page
  • Log in credentials section
  • Flash streaming options
  • HTML5 options that are both selectable and appear when the user lacks flash capabilities
  • Sections for new artists
  • Playlists assembled by experts
  • Playlist sections that are created by the fans
  • Tour and concert information
  • Scripts that provide music box data
  • Appropriate audio and visual advertising that doesn’t interfere with the listening experience
  • Options to buy songs and music
  • Social network connectivity.

Few things are as hot as digital music right now, and that also means that few things have as much competition. Our site will have to connect individually with fans. While this means that the site might very well skew toward a much younger demographic than many people are comfortable with designing for, it also means that there is an unchecked amount of opportunity here for grabbing new fans. There might be opportunities to individually connect with artists and such, which can attract more users.

Some artists will want to come in order to post music, and will probably end up using the site in their own right as a result. They might very well be able to promote the site as such, considering that the association of well known and niche recording artists should help to ensure that there would be plenty of people ready to use the site at launch time. Different genres can be focused on, with a possible emphasis on unsigned and unusual artists in order to continue to provide an influx of new listeners. Naturally the site would be indexed in multiple ways, which might bring in video traffic.