How to Clone a Coupon Site

How to Clone a Coupon SiteWe want to similar site like, and need someone to develop this clone with both HTML and PHP code. While it won’t have to be graphically intense, it will need to have some images created for it. As a result some basic graphic design skills will be necessary when authoring the site. A mechanism to consistently update content and add new deals, perhaps automatically, will be extremely important when it comes to the ultimate operation of the site.

When Developing this Site like GrouponCoupon, We Will Need Features like:

  • RSS or Atom feeds for various offers to come along, which will have to be programmed with some sort of XML structure
  • Sign in device to permit people to create accounts and set their own password structure
  • A digital shopping cart for those who order more than one deal at a time
  • A section entirely devoted to travel and various lodging offers
  • Local functions that allow users to search regionally, which might also be marketed toward travel users
  • Terms of service section that carefully explains deals
  • Free productions section for users to find give away material
  • Banners at tops of pages directing readers to other sections of the site.

Users of sites like Groupon fall into several distinct demographics. Travels are a big user of these sites, and will certainly flock to a website like Groupon. On the other hand there are also hyper-local users who primarily want to find deals in their own hometown. These users might be a little older than those who are primarily traveling. As a result they will actually look for different types of offers that might seemingly be at odds with the other things on the site. This shouldn’t be a problem provided the mechanism to constantly post new material is developed correctly.