How to Design an OLX Site

How to Design an OLX SiteWe’re going to be designing a site like olx, and need to ensure that it has the functionality of the original. This website like olx will probably have a certain regional style. That will be reflected in the groups of people who use it for sure. It also means that we’re going to need to develop a large variety of categories in order to ensure that every type of good and service searchers want will be available to users.

Best WordPress themes for OLX clone

If you are planning to develop an auction site like OLX from scratch, consider these themes:

  • AuctionPress – maybe one of the best WordPress themes for creating any kind of auction sites like OLX, available in several colors, very easy to customize and with variety of plugins already built-in.
  • Penny Auction Theme – a perfect solution for small auction websites. Theme has everything needed for launching a small website like OLX: payments integration, auction tools, user profiles.
  • Responsive Auction Theme – simple theme with tons of customization options and special auction features: escrow protection, automatic bidding, PayPal integration, credit system and starts rating. After installing this theme you may forget about any additional plugins you may need – everything is already built-in.

Our service can help you to install and configure any of these theme according to your needs and specifics of your online auction.

Very useful auction plugins

Even without auction WordPress theme, you may still customize your website with plugins to make it real OLX clone. We recommend you to check these popular WordPress plugins:

  • Ultimate WordPress Auction – a free plugin that turns your website into an OLX-like site just in a minute: user profiles, bidding system, email notifications, count down timer, payment integration, lightbox for images and many more.
  • WP Auctions – PayPal integration, unlimited number of auctions, several display types and advanced AJAX popups make this plugin one of the most popular tools for creating OLX clones.
  • Auction Nudge – if you are considering creating an eBay clone, then this is a must-have plugin for your website. Plugin shows up-to date information about your listing on eBay on your website.

If you face difficulties with installing and configuring any of these plugins – feel free to ask our developers to help you.

Creating an OLX clone step by step

  1. Simple and clean design that has some elements taken from similar sites like olx
  2. Database solutions that are built on a backbone of PHP-MySQL
  3. Mobile version of the site which is compatible with Windows Phone, Google Android, iOS, Blackberry and Symbian systems
  4. SMS alert systems instead of the email alert that olx like websites usually use
  5. SMS broadcast technology that will allow advertisers to know when their ads have been placed
  6. User cellular phone number database for the purpose of maintaining SMS contacts
  7. Administration control panels for regulating and flagging advertising
  8. The ability to remove disapproved advertising
  9. Different membership features for those who sign up for the site and want to get something specific
  10. Alternative options for those who really do want email alerts instead
  11. Advertising packages available for those who want to get individual ones.

When we develop a site like, we’ll need to have all the functions of the original site. This is so that we’ll continue to match the correct demographics we hope to reach here. Unlike a lot of other sites similar to olx, we might very well skew to a younger demographic. This demographic would certainly be looking for interesting services and such instead of the same used goods offered by other sites.

Cloning websites with our professional help it’s easy now, don’t hesitate to contact us today!