How to Clone a Social Site

How to Clone a Social SiteWe want to make a big site like Facebook, and this site will have to use PHP and such to function in a custom fashion. Admittedly we understand that this is a very difficult thing to do, so we’re not going to set too many restrictions on the project. Instead when we make a clone website like Facebook, we’ll use the Jom social model to provide a baseline method of doing things.

While We’re Creating a Website like Facebook, Please Keep the Following Points in Mind:

A form that’s set up for profile creation and timeline information that users will be able to edit easily

Options for pages like those offered by a website like Facebook so that users can change their form

Group options which users will be able to manipulate

A social form page that works as a landing site

Various applications that are related to individual pages so that users will be able to take advantage of various bonus clicks and similar offers

Added options in individual pages like those offered by the FBML system

Syndication feed content that will update as users update their own content.

Social networking users are spread far and wide between the many different networks that they’re already signed up for, and as a result few people want to create a new log in account for anything. As a result we’ll need to specifically focus on one section of the market. More focused social networking material is expected to become more popular in the near future, and this should help us to be able to attract people in spite of the fact that the various social networks that already exist have more or less become rather ubiquitous as a result of their adoption by existing users.