Making a Site like Weebly

Making a Site like WeeblyWhile we need a web site like Weebly, we don’t want an exact clone per say. Still, we want all the functionality that would come with a Weebly clone, or any other site that resembles Webs or Yola. We’ll need to permit people to work with their own uploaded content and develop their own blog. Users will have to work with interface dialogs so that the text won’t be hard coded. This is in order to increase the ability we have to localize it.

Our Website like Weebly will Need the Following Features:

  • A main sign up page that users would utilize in order to register
  • An automatic sub domain creation system that helps users to position the URLs of their sites
  • Friendly structures that are geared toward those who are computer illiterate
  • Tools to help people choose which templates they would like to use
  • Site creator and editor systems that use drag and drop material and allow people to embed content from other Internet sources should they so choose
  • Preview section so that people will be able to see what their site will look like
  • Management control panel for users
  • Wizard functions to help people set up their sites quite quickly
  • Expert mode functionality for those with experience in HTML and CSS
  • File manager functions for manipulating uploaded media files
  • Dashboard interface for service administration and similar functions.

Sites like these have a tendency to attract those who have various types of hobbies and want to comment on them. Many of the people will not be experienced web developers, but have other specialized skills. The site itself will have to be developed with them in mind, though it also provides a rare opportunity to reach a remarkably broad audience.

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