How to Do a Restaurant Site Clone

Restaurant SiteWe’re setting up a website restaurant portal that’s something along the lines of the existing address. It will be a clone of the site to some degree, but we also need a way for restaurants to sign up and fill out the various details about their own place of business. They’ll need to be able to take menu items and add them in, so if for instance they have an existing menu they’ll need to be able to upload it to the site and make it usable and readable in that respect. Users will also need to be able to add individual menu items to their own pages as well as pricing information for visitors who might visit the site.

When we make our restaurant page clone we’ll need to have the following features:

  • Menu pages
  • Pricing information
  • Geographical information to help users find restaurants
  • Possible review or comments section
  • Contact page
  • Sign up page
  • Uploading options
  • Administration section
  • Front page with welcoming copy
  • Logo and graphic design
  • Features with images of food
  • Suggestions
  • Recommendations for users.

Sites like this have a tendency to attract two types of clients. Those who post are largely owners or operators of small businesses. These might be sole proprietorship or family owned restaurants that might only have one or two individual stands. They could also be some sorts of franchise arrangement though this is less likely considering that most franchise agreements would forbade this level of localized advertising.

The other group that regularly visits this type of page wants to go out to eat. Customers are usually families or individuals who have some form of disposable income, and they might be traveling or otherwise vacationing. There are also those who want to find places to regularly eat at for whatever reason, though this is less likely considering that geographical proximity has more to do with those sorts of choices than anything else. Individual demographics could be played to, so for instance a Chinese restaurant website might be linked in. Other sections might call for Japanese restaurant website links or perhaps an entire section with different nationalities of food for those who like to constantly try something new and exotic.