Learn How To Make A Clone Of WordPress Theme

Learn How To Make A Clone Of WordPress ThemeWhat we need to do is clone wordpress theme data from hurriyetdailynews.com, and make our theme sort of like an interchangeable newspaper source. WordPress clone themes like this would be useful for when the time comes that different news sources need to be developed to match. The color scheme is much like a regular newspaper, and that should make it easy to use when it comes to developing other sites based on it. Reproducing the rotating scrolls on the site might also be relatively useful, though they could be static in the final design if need be.

When we learn how to clone wordpress theme we need to do the following:

  • A full website design similar to the page that can completely replace the use of a print news source
  • The ability to share that same design between various different WordPress sites
  • Adherence to regular modular wordpress designs
  • CMS coding done in full
  • A headline graphic that could be interchangeable
  • Neutral text to be easily replaced when the time comes
  • Display of the time and date could be helpful
  • Administration panel for theme settings
  • Removal of the login and registration functions

By using a clone wordpress theme we should be able to create something that’s fairly similar to a print newspaper, and the resulting sites should attract an interesting demographic as a result. To save resources many people are dumping their paper subscriptions and turning to the Internet. These users would form a bulk of those who want to access new sites. Additionally each individual site based on the wordpress clone themes we develop would be local to a specific geographic region, and users from those individual regions would primarily access the newly created sites. However, as website development and design requires a lot of time, another alternative way is to make use of  the website copier or the website cloning services when making various sites, for instance even to get help with copies of game websites or any other websites.

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