The Best Way to Clone Digg Website

clone digg

In the crowded place of online business, it is difficult to be on top and gain more traffic at the same time. You might be wondering what would be the best platform to advertise your blog posts because there are plenty of websites that claims to offer the best services, even they cannot.

clone website

One of the most recommended and used social network to promote your page and blogs is the Digg. Digg is a social news site that helps boost web page traffic through promoting blog posts and pages, and help internet users to effectively find relevant blog posts and web pages.

Digg Users can easily submit contents or bury pages that they don’t like. They can also create networks through adding friends, and start commenting and sharing each submission.

It’s good to advertise at Digg website, but it would be better if you have your own Digg- inspired platform to promote your products, services, and business.

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Benefits of Digg Website

Digg is a helpful tool in promoting your website and start increasing your traffics. With just simple steps, you can easily get your first 1000 traffics if done right. What are the benefits of using Digg website?

  1. Helps increase your website visitors up to 100, 000 in a day.
  2. Search engine promotes your website after you are digged and put on the website’s homepage.
  3. You can receive more than 100 back links every day.
  4. More visitors will come to your website when you get promoted. These visitors can be converted to sales if advertisement was executed right.
  5. Helps you get at least 100 active e-mails, which you can use ins ending newsletters.

How to Clone Digg Website?

With all the benefits of Digg website to your business, it may be helpful to create your own clone website. You may also be seeing websites similar to Digg and would like to star your own, but don’t have any idea where to begin.

Today, you may have several great options to Digg clone. It will not require you any coding or programming knowledge to set- up the account. Below are 7 recommended tools to create a Digg- inspired account.

  1. Upwarded: Cline Digg website with the Upwarded clone script. It is released under CC / GNU GPL license to allow people download and use the source code, play and release it under similar rules.
  2. Pligg: This is another cline script to help set- up your own Dig- style site. This is a open source management system that allows you to create contents based on your preference or any other relevant subjects. Take advantage of the modules and themes from this active community to manage your site well.
  3. PHPDug: The PHP Digg Clone script offers useful features like captcha security codes, installation wizard, templating, and more. This clone script also creates a seamless copy of the website.

Creating a Digg Clone that offers the same benefit like the authentic Digg website will help you advertise business in a competitive, yet piratical way.