The Easiest Ways to Create Website like Twitter

websites like twitterOne of the most popular and used social media platforms is the Twitter. Among other sprouting social media platform, this microblogging website permits member t follow and share their thoughts limited to 140 characters. These short posts are called Tweets. Users can broadcast posts, follow popular personalities, re-tweet, and reply to tweets through mobile phone or desktop sites.

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Twitter is actually one of the largest marketing platforms today that helps online businesses grow and expand. Unlike any other social media, it grows faster and bigger. Aside from being a platform of interaction, Twitter is also a great marketing platform to advertise products and services. It helps you gain more website traffic, which can possibly turn to be your future customers.

Majority of online marketers take advantage of the benefits of using Twitter, and some think of creating websites like twitter. So what are the benefits of using Twitter as a marketing platform?

The Benefits of Twitter as a Marketing Platform

  • You can interact with Twitter users and respond top feedback as soon as you can. You can also post business updates and tweak some announcements in real time. Doing this correctly gives you an advantage over your business competitors.
  • You became closer to people by interacting with them through Twitter chats. Introduce your business and discuss your company’s values and goals through Twitter. You can also answer customer questions immediately to avoid doubts that may prejudice your business integrity.
  • You can generate more traffic for your website and local store through posting important announcements and promotions in your Twitter account. Since Twitter only offers 140 characters per Tweet, let your website explain the content for them. Through direct Twitter users to your website, you can possible gain more traffic and increase the possibility of getting more sales.

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Creating Website Like Twitter

You can create your own Twitter clone website using Twitter scripts. These Twitter clone scripts are valuable in making your business generate more traffic and earn more profit.

  1. Status. Net: This twitter script works like Twitter through its API that helps integrate website with Facebook and Twitter. It is a self- hosted micro blogging script that uses similar Twitter apps.
  2. Twitter Script: This is an affordable Twitter script that offers almost similar features like the real Twitter website. This revolutionary and powerful PHP script supports texts and images, has multi- language system, enhanced template system, and is compatible in mobile platform like iPhone.
  3. Yonkly:Start your first microblogging platform like Twitter with Yonkly and take advantage of its features. It also supports different modules like Open Source Edition, Hosted Edition, and Standalone Edition.
  4. Recou:Revou can help you create your own Twitter- like website using with its powerful and customizable features. It has Twitter Plugin, SMS Integration, supports multi- language, SEO friendly, template driven, and more. It is also affordable.

Create your own micro – blogging website and start promoting your business to generate more traffic and profit.