Triks in Doing PutLocker Clone

PutLocker is a fire sharing website that allows anyone from the web to upload and share products and services with anyone regardless of size, format, and file type. The site is for free and is commonly regarded as “freemium”.

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Freemium is a financial model, which products or services like media, software, web services, games, and other digital offering as provided for fee. However, a premium is charged if you’ll take advantage of the advanced functionality, features, and virtual goods.

PutLocker Website Features

If you have not developed clone websites, like this, you should know that PutLocker offers variety of features, which you’ll definitely enjoy. Below are the following website modules you can utilize while you’re using PutLocker:

  1. Search: You can search for movie name and titles
  2. Contents: You can share contents like music and videos at PutLocker
  3. Services: You’ll get service updates and tweaks

Aside from movies, there are other products the website offers. It’s easier to check for these movies through the search feature of PutLocker like the following:

  • Featured
  • New movies
  • TV Shows
  • Genres
  • Year
  • A-Z List

You can also sort the movies according to categories like Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Mystery, Sport, Adventure, Crime, Game- Show, Reality- TV, and talk show.

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How to Create a Site like PutLocker?

Making a PutLocker clone is easy than you’ve expected. You can use the service of some content management systems like Joomla and WordPress. This helps you update the site without changing the HTML code a lot. Any of these two are great in creating your PutLocker clone.

Additionally, it would be good idea to see some features of Practo clone, for adding some other features.

The next thing to do is to source the movies. Sites like,, and are great source to get video from. These will enable you to embed the movies and videos easier.

Create your own PutLocker clone, inspired movie website in just few and easy steps!