Web Page Designs – No Experience Required

When it comes to web page design, it does not require experience. Many help sources can help you online or you can entirely rely on yourself. Here are some things that you need to know so that you will not have a hard time in designing a web page.

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Design Web Page: No Experience Required

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    WordPress: It is very popular today because it is flexible and constantly improving. It does not require any design experience because what you just need to do is to choose the theme you want, add text and you are ready to go live.

  2. Clean design: Forget the concept that in creating web page designs, you need to use many colors with loud backgrounds, banners and flashing buttons. Being simple is enough.
  3. Simple navigations: You need to use simple navigations and do not overwhelm your visitors with numerous choices on your menu. What you need to do is to highlight essential pages and it is better to use sub menus in keeping the navigation clean.
  4. White space rules and large fonts: In order to make your web page easy to read, using larger fonts is suggested. You can use at least 14px and make sure that you have many white spaces too.
  5. Build responsive site: Many people who are surfing the web with the use of their mobile devices. This is the reason you need to make sure that you have a responsive site and a design that is working in all resolutions and devices.
  6. Save money: Unless you need a customized design, there is no need to spend too much of your money in web design. The only thing you should pay for is your hosting, name and domain.
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    One or two column is good: There are many people out there who are using many columns, but it is suggested that you can use one or two columns.

  8. Ask the expert: You can get help from the experts and listen to their suggestions on what you need to do in designing your web page. You will be surprised that you do not need to have an experience to get started. What you need to have is effort and time. If you have enough time, you can complete your web page design and make sure that you put effort to it so that the output will be fantastic.

Effectively Designing a Website From Experts

  • Pretty does not count: It is true that anybody wants a site that will look nice and have visual impact, but keep in mind that good looks do not bring in sales. What you need to do is you need to give your visitors a guidance directing them on where they should go. Winning design is good, but it does not pay your bills.
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    Does not need redesigning: Your design is one piece of bigger picture. If your message is wrong, you are thinking that you need copywriting. If you have wrong brand image, you are thinking that you need a marketing strategy. Take note that you cannot afford all specialists to do all the tasks. What you need to do is to ask the help of the best specialist who can analyze and to all the tasks. After asking his help, you will be surprised on what he will say. You will be surprised that what you all need is great marketing strategies and not a new design of a site.

  • Do not spend a fortune: There is a saying that you need to get what you have paid, but you should not spend fortune for just a web page design.
  • No need to be unique: In web page design, it is important that your design is different from others, but it does not mean that it should be unique. You want to stand out and you can do it with simple design. Nowadays, there are many things that you can do to set yourself apart from others. It is better to design a web page that is effective and not confusing for the people not to leave.
  • Branding: Bear in mind that branding is a special skill, which means not all designers can do it. If you have it, you can use it in designing your web page. Many of the designers are not skilled in developing brand identities and if you are good at it, grab the opportunity to use it in designing.
  • Designing is not all about photoshop, but it is also about psychology: This is what people should know. Web page design is not all about Photoshop. The secret in having magnificent site is not having compelling content and design, but it is about consumer behaviour and psychology. You must know the colour psychology and associations of people in making specific tones and shades.

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Overall, web page design does not need experience. What you need to have is time, effort and skills. You can start designing your web page anytime you want as long as you know what you will do and what you want to have. Be sure that you take note the tips on how to design web page for easy task.

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