Website Like Photobucket: How to Create the Website Clone?

websites like photobucketFor the past years, Photobucket has gained popularity for its photo- sharing benefits. It became one of the best platforms, next to Flickr, to share memories with family, friends, and even strangers. Moreover, it was improved by adding video- sharing features, which make the platform social and engaging.

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Photobucket is an image and vide hosting website, online community, and web services suites dedicated to preserve and share video and photo lifecycle. Aside from personal use, it is also utilized by businesses as a way to advertise, inform, and transact with users.

The Key Features of Photobucket

Online developers are trying to copy Photobucket because it has couple of features that benefit users when using the platform.

  1. Photobucket made it possible for you to store images and videos safely. Moreover, it has features that allow you to uniquely display images. This image hosting website has the appeal and flexibility that outshines the others.
  2. Uploading photos on Photobucket is simple and easy. You don’t need to read any long guidelines and watch tutorials just to upload your photos. Fist timers can do the work in just seconds after setting-up their Photobucket account. Uploading process is simple and neat.
  3. After uploading your images, Photograph allows you to share it with anyone through several useful means. You can send photos through e-mail, instant messenger, or post it directly to your website.
  4. Photobucket has allotted 10GB bandwidth for each user. This allows you to upload up to 5MB photos. You also have limitless space to store over 500 vides with 10 minutes length each in your account.

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Websites Like Photobucket

Creating a photo- sharing site like Photobucket is possible with available Photobucket clone scripts. Most of these scripts are free and easy to use.

  1. CF Image Hosting Script. This hosting script is free. It offers simple set-up process that helps set-up your website in just few steps. The PHP Image hosting script is easy to use. Sharing your images and videos to anyone in the web was made easy because of social bookmarking links and thumbnails generated for each image.
  2. Image Nuke. The most comprehensive solution to clone a website like Photobucket is the Image Nuke. It is one the best image hosting scripts that offer seamless and useful features for your hosting service. Without any technical skills required, you can run your new image hosting platform in just few minutes.
  3. My Picture Script. This hosting script has the simplest and convenient ways to a website like Photobucket. You can create professional and clean looking image galleries using this script. In just few minutes, your new image hosting and sharing website is up and running.
  4. Photo Host Script. Build a photo hosting website and earn from it in just few easy ways. With the Photo Host script, you are able to create a profitable business like Photobucket. Install and set-up this script to enjoy the benefits of an image hosting site.

Learn how to benefit from using a Photobucket clone script today!