Websites Like GoFundMe. How to Make a Clone?

websites like gofundme
GoFundMe is popular crowdfunding platform based in Melo Park and San Diego that helps people raise fund for different events and circumstances. Launched on May 10, 2010, the website has helped millions of people raised funds for events like life celebration or life causes. GoFundMe was used to raise money for Educational, medical, personal emergencies, volunteerism, and sports and team events.

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Everyone can take part on anyone’s life story. Campaign organizers can encourage others to support every circumstances and activities. With GoFundMe, physical barriers were removed to create a closer and meaningful relationship between users.

With only 5% deduction cost, you can already send donation and help the needy. The processing fee only costs 3% of the total donation, which is smaller compared to other crowdfunding website. GoFundMe has become the most efficient, useful, and effective platform to share and support people you care the most.

What can you get from GoFundMe?

Aside from getting funds from GoFundMe, you can also have seamless experience from the website. It has features that offer convenience to users.

  1. 5-minute e-mail support. GoFundMe will not let you wait. Once you have send questions and concerns, GoFundMe e-mail support will instantly respond within 5 minutes.
  2. Mobile- Friendly campaigns. Get limitless campaign exposure with GoFundMe. Users who are viewing from mobile devices can also see your campaign. This offers wider information dissemination that increases the amount of donation.
  3. Keep the donation. GoFundMe does not interfere on the processing of donation. You have the sole discretion and care of the donation being sent through GoFundMe.

Only few websites offer these features and GoFundMe is one of them. The effecieny of GoFundMe is the reason why it is being copied by website developers.

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How to create crowdfunding websites like GoFundMe?

Creating GoFundMe is easy with the Gofundme clone scripts. See list of scripts below to create a Gofundme clone.

  1. Crowdfunding Donate- GoFundMe Clone: Run a GoFundMe clone website with this script. With just few steps, you can already install and launch the website without coding, designing, and testing of revenue options and features. The Crowdfunding donate can help you build an exclusive crowdfunding based site with its multi- utility donation software.
  2. Fund Raising Script: Create similar website to GoFundMe with the Fund Raising script. You can now raise funds for your projects or any social causes with just few clicks.
  3. Fundraising Software. It’s now easier to create your new crowdfunding website like GoFundMe. The Fundraising software has useful and high-end features, which allows you to build a website from scratch. With this website, you’ll give opportunities for users to raise funds for their business, jobs, or other creative projects.
  4. Equity Crowdfunding Software: In just affordable price, you can now start your crowdfunding platform that effectively posts your campaign. Your campaign has limitless access to countries all over the world, which helps you get more donations with ease.

Start building a crowdfunding website like GoFundMe to fund your new project, or help the sick.