Yelp Clone: Your Personal Review Website

review cloneOur review clone will have to be designed as a portal that provides individuals with the ability to comment and rate local businesses. Feedback ratings will be given as a series of stars, and this will mirror the functionality of many other review sites that people use to illustrate what they think of food or any other business. People will be able to post reviews on the yelp clone that let them go into some detail about what they liked about a place. Creating a review website in this manner is a great way to start a conversation about what kinds of things people like when they go out to eat or get entertained.

clone website

When we build a review website in this manner we can use the following:

  • Rating star system for people to vote on places to eat and entertainment that they receive
  • Comments sections for posting information about places
  • Full menu in the review clone the same way that the regular sites do it
  • Maps to help users find locations
  • The yelp clone should contain allergy information the way the original yelp does
  • Our review clone website should include a section for business owners to post information
  • Administrator page to add more content
  • Nicely designed logo that mimics but doesn’t steal from the original

Creating a review website in this manner should attract people from a certain locality. These types of sites have a tendency to attract local users, and that helps them to maintain ranking based on the number of people who want to eat in a certain specific area. Those who are interested in this kind of thing are probably looking for a night out, and some of them may be vacationers. It will be important to keep this in mind when we actually set out to build a review website, since it will have to be tailored to the needs of our individual users. Eventually we might expand the site to include features for more business types than merely restaurants and the like, but for now we want to have the kinds of things that yelp offers to users.

If you need more info on creating a classified clone, feel free to review our tips.