Your Dream – YouTube Clone

youtube cloneWhen we set out to clone Youtube we don’t intend to make it nearly as broad in scope as the original existing streaming video giant. Youtube already fills an incredible niche, and it’s beloved by many viewers. What we want to do is to make something kind of like it that primarily focuses on the health and wellness segment of the viewer population. By using the Youtube clone script our new site will look the same as the existing one, but it will have a single focus that should help it to attract the desired audience. Fitness videos will also have a place alongside other health and wellness ones.

clone website

When we make our Youtube clone site we’ll need the following:

  • An upload system to post online streaming video
  • Flash and HTML 5 player compatibility
  • Login credential system for uploads and comments
  • Community comment section to provide feedback
  • Official channels for professionals
  • User created channels for non-commercial content
  • Talk back and about pages that mirror the functionality of the original
  • A complete Youtube clone script that’s extendable
  • A logo for the clone that can be used in place of the original

Creating the Youtube clone in this manner provides it with a ready audience. Users who access a clone Youtube site like this are probably interested in health and fitness. They may be trying to get in shape, or they may have originally accessed the Youtube clone site in the hopes that they could find alternatives to the current treatments that they might be dealing with. This is an excellent way to attract people to the clone, and it should keep them coming back. A sizeable number of people will additionally more than likely watch videos without actively commenting, and some might find videos through search results without being overall familiar with the clone website itself.

This is pretty desirable, considering that it should help to keep people coming back. Individuals interested in this sort of site want to do something good for them and are ready to get to work to make sure that they’re in the best health that they could possibly be in.

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